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let your soul flow with the power of Sound Healing and Hypnotherapy in the neutral space of Sat Nam Rasayan®

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Sound Healing

ONLINE via Zoom or local (Düsseldorf Area Germany)

I lead you to your sacred inner space , deep into your subconciousness according to your needs. Feel the healing frequencies of various Instruments and Gongs in combination with parts of Hypnotherapy and Meditation. If you would like to know more about , see or listen to soundfiles click here


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about me

Being professionally dedicated to healing modalities, holistic massages and meditation since well over 20 years, i have developed my own healing style of energy work, Hypnotherapy and sound healing. I absolutely love to explore the space between the notes. The space of Shunya. The space of all and nothing . Like to get to know me better ? click here


Carola Rau (Hari Inder Kaur)
certified Hypnotherapy ® and Sat Nam Rasayan® practicioner


Disclaimer: All offered sessions like sound Healing, Hypnotherapy, Massages and Sat Nam Rasayan® are for self developement and entertainment only.They do NOT replace any medical treatment.



Carola Rau (Hari Inder Kaur)